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How to Purchase a Stream Ticket

  • If you have an account already under FCStream (the Stream Provider) then Log-in. If not, then you will need to register on the site, which will be done as part of the Subscription Purchase process.
  • Click on the Live Stream Menu, and select the match you wish to stream.
  • If you do not have a Subscription Pass already purchased, you will be asked to complete the purchase. The amount will be set by the Club/Venue providing the stream.
  • Once purchased (through PayPal), you will be returned to the registration page. Click on the Menu Item under Live Stream – and you will be taken to the stream (or a holding page if the stream is not active).
  • You can purchase a stream before the event.

How to View a Streamed event

  • If you have purchased a Stream Pass (or registered in the event of a free-view event), choose the event from the Drop-Down under Live Stream.
  • If you have not purchased the Pass, you will be re-directed to the Subscription Page automatically.
  • Apart from your User Name/Email & Password for your account, there are no codes to enter

Can I view the stream on 2 devices

  • The Stream Subscriptions do not limit you to specific devices. You can watch on PC, MAC, Laptop, Phone or Tablet. However, you can only watch on 1 device at a time.
  • If you share your log-in details and you are watching a stream – in the event of someone logging-into your account, they will take over the stream, and you will be logged-out.
  • If you believe someone has your details, please re-set your password.

The stream keeps buffering?

  • This could be down to a multitude of issues some of which are out of our control but please check:
  • If you can, watch from a wired device. You are more likely to get a faster more consistent signal if connected directly to the Internet.
  • Internet Bandwidth may be restricted if other applications are using it (Netflix/other streams).
  • Close down any other applications you are using. If your computer is performing multiple tasks/programs at the same time, it may affect the available CPU/RAM to your devise.
  • Clear your browser settings. The problem might be on your local computer, and in your web browser in particular. Clear the cache from your browser.
  • Reset your router.

Can I watch the stream later in the day?

  • Most sports streamed through our channel are restricted to not allowed delayed play-back.

Can I watch the stream on a TV?

  • Depending on your devices / TV, it is possible to show the stream on your TV screen. Below we detail a few of the possible ways of accomplishing this.
    • ​Cable
      • If your laptop has an HDMI output, or if you have an HDMI adapter for your tablet device, you can simply connect an HDMI cable to your TV and share the stream to it that way.
    • Screen Share
      • Some devices & TVs will already have the capability to share your screen from your mobile/tablet to your TV. An example of this would be Apple’s AirPlay function if you have an Apple TV device.
    • TV Web Browser
      • Your smart TV, if you have one connected, might come with a web browser that can let you watch the stream. However, we do not support streaming via Smart TVs at this time.
    • X-Box/Gaming Devices
      • We do not support streaming via game devices at this time.